Nectar Sleep's Impressive SEO Growth In A Declining Market

Nectar Sleep experienced 27% YoY growth in non-branded clicks and a substantial 94% increase in total impressions over a 3-month period. Despite a -6.36% decrease in the overall industry demand, the effective growth in non-branded clicks reached an impressive 33.36%


YoY Growth


YoY Growth in non-branded clicks


Increase in total impressions YoY


Decrease in the overall industry demand


Effective growth in non-branded clicks


At TacticOne, we're proud of partnering with Nectar Sleep to defy industry trends and boost their year-on-year growth in non-branded clicks and impressions.

Case Study

We helped drive their non-branded clicks from 268,000 to 340,000, marking a solid 27% jump. Impressions? They almost doubled under our watch, skyrocketing from 11.3 million to a jaw-dropping 21.9 million.

What makes this achievement more significant? The industry faced a -6.36% dip, but that didn't stop us. Just like a ship sailing against the current, we helped Nectar Sleep not just stay afloat but surge ahead.

A vital part of this success came from focusing on product-related keywords. We were able to shine a spotlight on Nectar Sleep, pulling in more traffic and contributing to this stellar growth.

When you take the industry downturn into account, the effective growth in non-branded clicks comes to around 33.36% (27% actual growth + 6.36% industry demand adjustment), and the growth in impressions is about 115.36%. It's safe to say we've made significant strides in our SEO efforts with Nectar Sleep!

How Tacticone Contributed

TacticOne took a hands-on, tailored approach to optimize Nectar Sleep's SEO performance. We focused not just on improving numbers but also on transforming the overall SEO strategy. Our team meticulously redesigned the Nectar Sleep blog, enhancing technical SEO elements for a more seamless and user-friendly interface. We crafted engaging content and backed it with compelling illustrations for an enriched user experience. Despite the challenging market conditions, we strategically incorporated product-related keywords, which played a significant role in navigating Nectar Sleep's online presence successfully. At TacticOne, our priority was to ensure Nectar Sleep's SEO performance was strengthened, irrespective of fluctuating industry trends.

Gil Efrati

Gil Efrati


CMO, Resident

Delivered remarkable growth for our brands.

TacticOne has delivered remarkable growth for our brands NectarSleep and DreamCloud, over the years. Their strategic approach and end-to-end ownership of projects drove our brands to achieve outstanding SEO success. I highly recommend Sid and TacticOne for their SEO expertise and results-driven approach.


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