How DreamCloud Skyrocketed Their Clicks By Over 1000%

Dreamcloud experienced astounding growth in non-branded clicks, surging from 5,364 in January to an impressive 67,568 in November. This represents a remarkable growth of over 1,159%. Despite a 6% industry demand decline, we successfully drove search and image traffic.


non branded clicks


increase in non-branded clicks


6% industry demand decline


Blogs published


Links secured


At TacticOne, we're thrilled about the fantastic collaboration we had with DreamCloud, where we defied industry trends and witnessed a remarkable surge in non-branded clicks.

We took Dreamcloud's non-branded clicks from 5364 in January to a staggering 67,568 in November, marking an outstanding growth of over 1159%. It's not just numbers; it's a game-changer, and we were genuinely excited to be a part of their incredible transformation.

And here's the best part: we pulled off this remarkable feat despite a 6% decline in the industry. We didn't settle for keeping up; we ensured DreamCloud was leading the way.

But that's not all! We also worked magic on boosting DreamCloud's image clicks, going from virtually zero to an impressive average of 3000 clicks per month. We ensured their visibility was on point, hitting all the right spots.

Even amid industry challenges, our strategic approach and unwavering dedication drove DreamCloud to achieve outstanding SEO success. We take immense pride in these significant strides, representing a growth of over 100%, and look forward to continuing our momentum.

How Tacticone Contributed

So, how did we make it happen? Hold tight! We published over 175 kick-ass blog posts, each one meticulously optimized. We also created captivating illustrations that not only looked amazing but also hooked the audience. On top of that, we hustled hard to secure 1600 high-quality links through our targeted campaigns. But we didn't stop there - we collaborated closely with DreamCloud's tech team to give their blog a complete makeover, optimizing it for maximum SEO impact. And to top it off, we developed a special sauce for image optimization, ensuring visuals were top-notch without compromising quality.

Gil Efrati

Gil Efrati


CMO, Resident

Delivered remarkable growth for our brands.

TacticOne has delivered remarkable growth for our brands NectarSleep and DreamCloud, over the years. Their strategic approach and end-to-end ownership of projects drove our brands to achieve outstanding SEO success. I highly recommend Sid and TacticOne for their SEO expertise and results-driven approach.


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